With Sylvie’s guidance and support, I was able to find my strength, self-esteem and well-being and I found by path back to my true self.

Sylvie does not let you hide from yourself and makes you at ease to open up without being scared to say it as it is. We all have issues and the only way to heal is to communicate with Sylvie. She is masterful at helping people! Trust me!

Sylvie’s wisdom and knowledge comes not only through education and experience but more importantly from having been there herself with many issues.

Sylvie’s outstanding dedication to client through involvement in highly visible, complex and sensitive and multi-stakeholder projects has been exemplary!

Sylvie’s contribution to the organization has been her availability to share her knowledge and expertise with colleagues has been educative.

Sylvie’s has been a positive role model by her sense of humour and enthusiasm in support of my organization’s shared services transformation initiatives.

Sylvie accompanied me through career coaching, she has taught me the tools necessary to make major improvements in accomplishing my career goals.

Counseling sessions with Sylvie have helped me to find the inner strength to determine my career and personal goals, prioritizing them and accomplishing them while continuing to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Le dévouement de Sylvie est exceptionnel envers les clients par sa participation à des projets multilatéraux complexes, a grand rayonnement et de nature hautement délicate.

Je souligne la contribution exemplaire de Sylvie à l’organisation par sa façon d’être toujours disponible pour ses clients pour partager ses connaissances et son expertise.

Le sens de l’humour et son enthousiasme à l’appui de ses clients et son leadership du changement apporte à toutes organisations une nouvelle vision accompagné de processus, politiques et alignement.

No one could ask for a better Life Strategist. Whether the issue is dealing with self-esteem issues, family challenges etc. Sylvie provides her clients with the tools necessary to assess and address life challenges in a healthier way.

Personally, Sylvie has been invaluable in helping me through my divorce and in leading me through the self-examination and discovery necessary to address my life-long issues of co-dependency.

Sylvie brings a special attention and blend of knowledge, wisdom, caring, spirituality and humor that all serve to make her advice most beneficial and practical.

Bonjour Sylvie, merci à vous de m'avoir répondu aussi promptement... Je serais heureuse de me procurer to livre 'C`est ça qui est ça' rapidement car je l'attends depuis des mois. Pourrons nous, nous le procurer en librairie.?Je mise beaucoup sur cette thérapie.. Vos thérapies flash, je les écoutes attentivement et je les apprécie..Vous me faîtes beaucoup de bien, et votre livre sera le cadeau que je vais m'offrir pour la St- Valentin. merci encore. Bravo pour votre beau travail, on a besoin de personne comme vous..bonne journée...Lucette

What Can I say!!! I'm so very GRATEFUL for your help, your support, professionalism, respect and precious Help, you made an amazing difference in my life!!! God Bless....Janice